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Riječ stručnjaka Marbo

ANA MJEDA, graduate pharmacist 

During many years of practice, I have never encountered products for scalp problem treatment as efficient as Marbo products. They are based on an extraordinary traditional and natural recipe with a high concentration of herbal extracts, which makes these products the best you can find on the market.

I have personally contacted users who have convinced me that Marbo products are very pleasant, safe and easy to use and give quick, visible and permanent results.

DR. GORANA KUKA, plastic surgeon with subspeciality in hair transplantation

She works in plastic surgery clinics in Belgrade, Miami and New York. Actively participated in conferences in Turkey, Belgium, France, Italy and the US. She received training in hair transplantation and hair loss treatment under the mentorship of leading world experts from the US, at private clinics in New York, Dallas, San Francisco and the University of Miami. 

At clinics in the US, where she works with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, she heads the department for FUE hair transplantation and for the treatment of hair loss in women.

She is engaged in research into the role of regenerative medicine in the treatment of hair loss.

How did you hear about Marbo products?

By accident! As I myself suffer from seasonal hair loss, I went into a pharmacy in Belgrade and asked for the anti-hair loss shampoo that I had been using until then. A kind Master of Pharmacy suggested I try Marbo products. I was sceptical about the change, but when I looked at the composition of the shampoo, my doubts disappeared, and after the first wash, I knew that the shampoo was great.

Since then, I have been using Marbo Lotion and Marbo Shampoo regularly, as have my friends and colleagues.

We often joke in the doctor’s office and say: “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Marbo.”, just like in that commercial.

When do you recommend the use of Marbo products?

They have become a part of the primary care for all my patients. They are also used as a prevention of hair loss if someone has a tendency to hair loss (genetic, seasonal, stressogenic). I usually recommend combining Marbo Lotion and Marbo Shampoo for a better effect. The composition is completely natural, and I am always proud that we have such a product.

Activator Marbo, which is used in the treatment of alopecia areata (hair loss in circles) and for the growth of new hair in all types of alopecia (hair loss), regardless of the cause, shows great results in my practice.

I am glad that these products have gone beyond the borders of our country and that they are helping people around the world in their fight against hair loss!

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MARBO © 2024 All rights reserved.