The entire collection does not need to be used. Marbo Activator and Marbo Lotion can be used individually, but it is recommended to use Marbo Shampoo 03 with them in order to have a better result.

New hair grows after approximately thirty days of everyday use of Activator. Marbo Lotion permanently eliminates dandruff after only several uses.

Marbo products are exclusive products made in limited amounts from carefully selected herbs and are not manufactured industrially.

Yes, since they are completely natural. They contain no corticosteroids, minioxidil, hormones etc. Even children of only two years of age use them, in cases of alopecia areata (hair loss in patches).

Marbo products can be used for an unlimited period of time, until one reaches wanted results. Marbo products have no side effects. However, it is recommended to read the ingredients list of the product to check that you are not allergic to any of the plants in it. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Besides the scalp area, Lotion can be applied on any other skin area affected by dermatitis. Our users unofficially inform us that Marbo Lotion also helps in treating psoriasis.

By using Marbo Lotion and Marbo shampoo 03.

MARBO © 2024 All rights reserved.

MARBO © 2024 All rights reserved.