Terms and conditions of business of the internet shop marbo-kosa.com have been prepared in concordance with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Civil Obligations Act (COA), and are to be regarded as a prior notice within the sense of Article 43 of the CPA.

By ordering a product, the Purchaser confirms to accept the terms and conditions of business.




A Purchaser is any legal and natural person placing an order and effecting payment in the internet shop marbo-kosa.com, pursuant to Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act. A contract in the name and for the account of minor persons or persons completely devoid of legal capacity may be entered into only by their legal representatives, respectively, persons partially devoid of legal capacity may enter into a contract only with consent of their legal representative.



A consumer is within the sense of the Consumer Protection Act any natural person entering into a legal transaction or acting in the market, for purposes neither aimed to his/her business activities nor performance activities of freelance professions.



The Seller is Altaj d.o.o. Benkovačka 2a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, VAT (OIB) HR20971142980, Tel: 01/3843-980.



All prices presented in the internet shop marbo-kosa.com are in Euro (EUR) and aimed for the end user (VAT is included in the price).

Prices, payment conditions and special offers are valid only at the moment of order and may be changed without prior announcement!



Photographs and descriptions of individual products have been obtained from the producer and/or supplier of products and are equal to real products in our web shop.


Ordering of products is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The products are ordered only through the program interface of the internet shop marbo-kosa.com. Should the Seller be unable to deliver some or all of the ordered products, he/she shall contact the Purchaser informing him of a possible term of delivery of the product being out of stock at the moment. By obtaining such information from the Seller, the Purchaser is committed to inform the Seller by an email whether he/she: wishes the delivery of an incomplete order to be performed; accepts a new term of delivery for a complete delivery; or gives up the complete delivery. Should the Purchaser have paid for products out of stock by a credit card, the Seller shall reduce the debiting of the credit card for the value amount of products he cannot deliver or cancel the total debiting in the case the Purchaser has given up the order. In the case that the Purchaser has paid the amount of order for products out of stock to the bank account of the Supplier by a payment order, a bank transfer order or internet banking, the Seller shall immediately repay the number of products which may not be delivered, or the total amount paid in case the Purchaser has given up the complete order.


The Purchaser shall pay the ordered products and the shipment pursuant to Order confirmation which shall be sent to him by the system to his email address indicated in the order; by a payment order, a bank transfer order, internet banking or PayPal. Should the Seller within a term of not later than two days (or 1 business day after expiry of this period) from the day of order receipt fail to receive payment to his bank account, in case where the Purchaser has chosen to pay by a payment order, a bank transfer order, internet banking or PayPal, it shall be deemed that the Purchaser has given up the order.


An order confirmation together with these Terms and Conditions of Business are a Prior Notice within the sense of Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act.


A Prior Notice Confirmation (Art 44 of the CPA), a Purchaser shall receive together with the invoice for the purchased goods.


If the Purchaser along with his order have also chosen the delivery of the ordered products, it shall be performed by DPD courier (for Croatia and Slovenia) or post (for the rest of the countries). We are handing in the ordered products to the courier or Croatian post not later than within 2 business days after receipt of your payment.

You will receive the purchased products at the Croatian address indicated in your order within 1-3 business days (depending on the place of delivery) except products for which the Purchaser has been specially informed of the delivery term period. Delivery to EU countries usually takes 3-10 business days and to the rest of the world 10-30 business days, except products for which the Purchaser has been specially informed of the delivery term period. Saturdays and Sundays are not calculated in the term of delivery period. In the event of delay due to force majeure (lost products, products damaged in delivery or in distribution center of a partner who has returned the product to the internet shop marbo-kosa.com without the product being delivered to the Purchaser etc.), the Internet shop marbo-kosa.com is not liable for “first risk” and commits to deliver a replacement product in the shortest possible time.

The Purchaser is committed to inspect the purchased product at the moment of its receipt to establish possible damages of the shipment, and make an immediate claim to the person having delivered the shipment, or refuse to take the shipment over, if external damages are visible. In this case, employees of the Internet shop marbo-kosa.com have to be informed of the fact in order for a new delivery to be organized in the shortest possible term.

Should the Purchaser fail to receive a shipment within a 30 business days term from the effected payment, he/she must inform the Seller, so that the Seller may undertake actions to find the shipment or send a replacement shipment to the Purchaser. Should the Purchaser, out of some reason, fail to take over the shipment, and the shipment is returned to the Seller, the Seller shall re-charge the new delivery.


Delivery to Croatia costs 5 EUR, and in the case of purchase of products over 50 EUR, delivery is free. The package is sent via DPD courier service within 2 working days from the receipt of payment (or order if cash on delivery is selected).

Delivery to Slovenia costs 5 EUR, and the package is sent via DPD courier service within 2 working days from the receipt of payment.

Delivery to the rest of the EU costs 10 EUR, and the package is sent via Croatian post within 2 working days of receiving payment.

Delivery to countries outside the EU costs 20 EUR, and the package is sent via Croatian post within 2 working days of receiving payment.


The Purchaser is committed at the moment of taking over the purchased goods to check possible damages of the shipment and immediately inform of the complaint the person having delivered the shipment, or refuse to take over a shipment on which external damages are visible. In this case, employees of the internet shop marbo-kosa.com have to be informed of the fact in order for a new delivery to be organized in the shortest possible term.

Should the content of the shipment not correspond to your order, except when you are informed that due to product shortage on stock or cancellation of transaction the product may not be delivered with other products from the order, return the shipment to us, and we shall send you the correct product at our expense.

A Purchaser may, pursuant to Article 45 of the CPA, cancel an order not indicating reasons, within seven (7) days. The period of an order cancellation shall commence from the day when the Purchaser has ordered the product. The Purchaser must inform by email or telephone the Seller of the order cancellation.

Products which the Purchaser returns to the Seller must be unused, in original package, with all accompanying parts, completely correct. The Purchaser must enclose the original invoice to the returned products and a letter about the quantity of products and the number of the bank/current account of transaction on which the repayment of the paid funds shall be effected. The Seller is not committed to receive a shipment with redemption or shipments which do not correspond to his general terms and conditions of business.


The Seller and Purchaser shall try to resolve any dispute by mutual agreement and in an amiable manner, and should they fail to do so, they agree upon the jurisdiction of the court of law in Zagreb.


Pursuant to Art 8 of the CPA, the internet shop marbo-kosa.com (Altaj d.o.o.) makes possible for you to send your objections to the email: altaj.doo@gmail.com

We shall answer any of your objections or complaints within 15 business days.


Disclaimer on privacy protection and collection of personal data and their use:

The internet shop marbo-kosa.com commits to keep the privacy of all of his Purchasers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on Purchasers/Consumers and inform the Purchaser/Consumer on the manner of their use. All the data about users are being strictly kept confidential and are available only to employees who need those data to perform their work. All the employees of the internet shop marbo-kosa.com and their business partners are responsible for respecting principles of privacy protection.


This privacy policy refers to the confidentiality of personal data collected on the website www.marbo-kosa.hr. This privacy policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the website www.marbo-kosa.hr.

Altaj d.o.o. as a service provider of the website www.marbo-kosa.hr complies with the applicable regulations with the aim of protecting the privacy of its Purchasers, i.e. Consumers, and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. This document describes how the controller of website www.marbo-kosa.hr (hereinafter Altaj) processes personal data.

Buyers of the website www.marbo-kosa.hr (hereinafter referred to as Purchasers) or Consumers receiving information about products and opportunities (hereinafter referred to as Consumers) are instructed to read everything stated on this page in order to better understand what data Altaj collects and processes. For what purpose, on the basis of which legal basis, with whom and why it is shared, what protective measures it implements, and what are your rights regarding access to personal data, correction, deletion and your right to object.

Any Purchaser or Consumer who has any questions regarding personal data can send an e-mail message to the address altaj.doo@gmail.com.

By accepting this Privacy Policy by a click when making a purchase on the website www.marbo-kosa.hr, or accepting cookies when entering the website www.marbo-kosa.hr, the Purchaser or the Consumer confirms that he/she has read, understood and agrees with the processing of personal data as determined by this Statement.


What type of personal data does Altaj collect and process through the website www.marbo-kosa.hr?

When making a purchase on the website www.marbo-kosa.hr, Altaj will ask the future Purchaser or Consumer to provide certain information about themselves (personal data), such as name and surname, address (including postal code), e-mail address and telephone number.

The provision of personal data is the decision of the Purchaser or the Consumer. If the Purchaser or the Consumer does not provide the requested mandatory information for a specific activity that requires it, he/she will not be allowed to participate in such an activity, because without this information the activity will not be technically feasible.

In addition to this data, we automatically collect data from your computer, which may include an IP address, and there are also situations in which we automatically collect other types of data, such as the date and time of access to the www.marbo-kosa.hr website, information about hardware, software or the internet browser you use, as well as your computers operating system and application version and your language settings. We may also collect information about clicks and pages that you have been shown.


For what purpose does Altaj collect and process personal data?

Altaj collects and processes the personal data of the Purchaser or the Consumer of the website www.marbo-kosa.hr for the purpose of conducting a secure authentication of Purchasers and Consumers who access the website www.marbo-kosa.hr, fulfilment of contracts for the purchase of goods or services, delivery of goods to the Purchaser, communication with the Purchaser and the Consumer, possible legal procedures related to the implementation of the contract, and partly we also apply automated processes in order to constantly improve our processes in the interest of the Purchaser and the Consumer, to make the offer for the Purchaser and the Consumer more individual and to adapt our offer of products and services as much as possible to the habits and needs of the Purchaser and the Consumer.

Altaj does not collect information about children. If we become aware that such information has been transmitted to us without the consent of the parents or guardians of children under 16 years of age, we will remove it without delay. No part of the www.marbo-kosa.hr website is designed to attract anyone under the age of 16.


What is the legal basis for processing personal data?

By entering personal data and confirming (by clicking) their acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Business and this Privacy Policy and the Terms of use of personal data, the Purchaser or the Consumer enters into a contractual relationship that is the basis for the purchase of products and services of the Purchaser’s choice on the website www.marbo-kosa.hr, and which is contained in the Terms of Purchase (pre-contractual notification) and therefore the processing of such personal data is legal because actions are taken at the Purchaser’s request in order to realize the purchase of products and services ordered by the Purchaser.


With which recipients does Altaj share personal data?

Altaj will not share the personal data of the Purchaser or the Consumer with other parties except in the cases specified in the next point and in a situation where positive regulations require it.

Altaj will share personal data with:

Service providers of distribution of goods with whom it has a permanent contract and for this purpose to fulfill orders, deliver packages, send ground mail and e-mail. The distribution service provider may ask the Purchaser for his/her identity card at the time of delivery of the package during the personal collection of the goods, all for the purpose of realizing the package delivery service and keeping records of who collected the package. If the Purchaser refuses to provide this information, the package will not be delivered.


 What is a cookie?

A cookie is information sent to your computer by the website you visit. It usually saves your settings and preferences for the website, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you open the same web page again, the internet browser sends back the cookies belonging to that page. This allows the site to display personalized information.

Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal information (such as a personal name or email address). However, this information can only be saved if you specifically allow it because websites cannot gain access to information you have not given them and cannot access other files on your computer. The default activities of saving and sending cookies are not visible to consumers. However, you can change the settings of your internet browser so that you can independently choose whether to approve or reject requests to save cookies, and then automatically delete saved cookies and other settings when you close your internet browser.


How to adjust cookie settings?

By editing cookie settings, you decide whether to allow them to be stored on your computer. Management and adjustment of cookie settings, as we mentioned, can be done in the Internet browser. For information about cookie settings, click on the name of the Internet browser you are using. Some settings may also depend on the device you use to access the internet (desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone).

If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use some of the functionalities on the www.marbo-kosa.hr website.


What are session cookies?

Temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from the computer when the Internet browser is closed. Websites use them to store temporary data, such as items in your shopping cart.


What are persistent cookies?

Permanent or saved cookies remain on the computer after closing the Internet browser. With them, websites store information, such as your login consumer name and password, so you don’t have to log in every time you visit a particular site. Persistent cookies will remain on your computer for days, months, and some even years.


What are first-party cookies?

First-party cookies come from the website you are viewing and can be temporary or permanent. They allow websites to store information to be used again the next time you visit that website.


What are third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies come from the content of other websites, for example advertisements, that are on the website you are currently viewing. With these cookies, websites can track internet usage for marketing purposes.


Does www.marbo-kosa.hr use cookies?

The website www.marbo-kosa.hr uses cookies, with the primary goal of making our website a better consumer experience.


What kind of cookies does www.marbo-kosa.hr use and why?

Session cookies – these are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) when you close your internet browser. We use them to provide access to content and enable things you can do when you enter your information at www.marbo-kosa.hr.

Persistent cookies – usually have an expiration date far in the future and will remain in your browser until they expire, or until you manually delete them. Www.marbo-kosa.hr uses permanent cookies in order to better understand consumer habits and accordingly improve the site according to consumer usage methods. This information is anonymous – we do not see individual consumer data.


Does www.marbo-kosa.hr have third-party cookies?

We use several external services that store limited cookies for the consumer. These cookies are set for the normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for consumers to access content as well as share it with other Internet services.



Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). The information generated by cookies about your use of our website (including your IP address) will be transferred to Google and stored on servers in the Republic of Ireland where it will be stored for a maximum of 26 months, after which it will be deleted. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of our website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services related to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this data to third parties, if required by law, or if such third parties process the data on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with other data held by Google. Further information on Google’s privacy policy can be found at http://www.google.com/privacy.html.

Currently, there are several websites to disable the storage of “cookies” for different services. You can get more information at the following links:



Download the Form for changing or deleting personal data on the website https://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.

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MARBO © 2024 All rights reserved.